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Since 1986, Tortran continues to be a reliable supplier of toroidal power and isolation transformers to manufacturers of a wide range of products from medical devices, test and measurement, to street lights, audio amplifiers, and low voltage lighting. Our design engineers work closely with existing and new customers to develop transformer products to meet their specific needs.


400 Hz Transformers for Aircraft and Marine Power

Our LW series power toroidal transformers for 400 Hz  operating frequency are exceptionally light weight as we use CCA type magnet wire. They are suitable for both single phase and three-phase power systems.

Product Features

  • Operating Frequency:         400 Hz

  • Core Material                      Toroidal core wound with 4 mil grain-oriented silicon steel         

  • Magnet Wire                       CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) for all windings            

  • Insulation System:              Class A (105C)

  • Primary Voltages:               As Specified by Customer

  • Secondary Voltages:           As Specified by Customer

Weight Examples based on one Primary and Dual Secondaries:

Single Phase Product Specifications




4.5 lbs


7.5 lbs


16.0 lbs


28.0 lbs






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Three Phase Product Specifications
VA Weight
3,000 13.5 lbs
6,000 22.5 lbs
15,000 48.0 lbs
30,000 84.0 lbs




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