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    Our Tortran division offers high frequency, high power inductors utilizing gapped, amorphous ribbon cores.

    The inductors combine high inductance and current values with low losses at frequencies in the 20kHz range. High wattage switching devices benefit from compact, energy saving chokes for power factor correction and in input and output filter applications. They are smaller and lighter than equivalent designs with silicon iron and powdered iron cores. The inductors are box shaped and completely encapsulated in black epoxy resin. The insulation system is class F (155C).

    The same architecture is used un-gapped in transformers for switch mode power supplies.

    Typical uses are in UPS systems, Variable frequency inverters, On-grid Solar and Wind Power, and Harmonics filtering.

    Our flexible manufacturing cells allow easy custom design, to meet specific requirements. The table shows a few examples in order to illustrate the versatility. The values are approximate, based on 20% ripple current content @20kHz.

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    Amorphous Metal Power Inductors from BMG Tortran
    Inductance L myH A rms @60Hz DCR mOhms     Loss         W Dimension A"xB"xC" Weight  lbs.
    500 40 7 23 4.4x3x2 4
    1000 60 10 70 5.2x4.5x4 12
    5000 50 40 180 7x5.8x5 27

    Download the specification sheet (pdf format)



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