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    Standard Design De-buzzing Chokes

    De-buzzing chokes are designed to reduce transformer noise caused by dimming low voltage Halogen lighting fixtures. Using most types of dimmers in conjunction with a low voltage toroidal transformer may cause the transformer to produce a noise best described as a buzzing sound. If the transformer is not in a remote location the noise may be annoying. Our de-buzzing chokes will smooth out the broken sinusoidal waveform to the transformer, significantly reducing the buzzing noise. The chokes come fully encapsulated in black epoxy with a 1/4" center hole for easy one-bolt mounting. Flexible multi-stranded lead wire simplifies termination. Please call the factory for volume pricing and discounts.

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    P/N Dimensions
    OD x HT (in.)              (mm)
    1-9 pcs.
    200 DB200 2.75 x 1.65                70 x 42 1.30 $36.61
    300 DB300 2.75 x 1.70                70 x 43 1.35 $36.61
    500 DB500 2.75 x 1.80                70 x 46 1.40 $38.76
    600 DB600 2.75 x 1.85                70 x 47 1.45 $38.76
    750 DB750 2.75 x 1.90                70 x 48 1.45 $39.20
        Fully epoxy encapsulated; 1/4" center hole; flexible lead wire

    Custom AC and DC Filter Chokes

    We would be happy to help you with DC filter chokes for filtering and energy storage circuits designed for your application. Here the choke must support significant DC current while maintaining an inductance required to filter out high frequency signals. This type of inductor can be supplied with either constant or variable (e.g. linear) inductance according to your specifications.

    AC filter chokes operate increasingly for switching power supplies and for filtering out transients in sensitive electronics equipment. These chokes also appear in SCR driven motor controllers to provide optimum performance. Another application is in lighting systems to eliminate buzzing when using electronic dimmer switch. The core in these AC filter chokes can be an inexpensive iron powder core or a gapped toroidal wound silicon steel core for a compact, low height design. Either way, we welcome your inquiry.

    Please see standard design transformers for reference. Please call us to discuss your application, or simply contact us for a free design review.  Your inquiry will receive our prompt and courteous attention.



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