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Custom Transformers for Audio Applications

Over the past several years, we have developed a process that guarantees zero noise performance of transformers for the audio industry. This means both mechanical and electrical noise. For some customers, our transformers are epoxy potted inside a steel can which adds to the esthetics of the product as well as keeping the transformers quiet. Even without a steel can, our toroidal transformers are the best choice in the industry when you are concerned with transformer noise.

Our transformers for the audio industry range from 50VA to 5,000VA. Unless you have specific size requirements, our initial design takes a standard size core for the most economical solution of your power requirements. In addition to using the standard core shape with a diameter-to-height ratio of 2:1, we can make cores that have a 3:1 ratio to achieve a very low "pancake" shape.  For a taller construction, minimizing use of chassis space, the ratio can be 1.5:1.

Our custom designed transformers for audio applications are not expensive as they utilize the same basic components and materials as our standard designs. You will find that choosing the Bridgeport Magnetics brand for your audio power transformers is an excellent decision that will  offer you a competitive edge. Click here for our line of mounting hardware.

A Tortran custom transformer installed in a
Guitar Amplifier designed by Doug Taylor Controls, Fayetteville, NC.

Please call us to discuss your application, or simply contact us with your specifications.  Your inquiry will receive our prompt and courteous attention.