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Custom Designed Toroidal Power Transformers

 When our family of standard design transformers does not suit your application, we are happy to design a custom toroidal transformer to your exact specifications.  From 15 VA up to 75 kVA single phase or 225 kVA three-phase for 60 Hz frequency.  For 50/60Hz, we can design custom toroidal transformers up to 60 kVA single phase or 180 kVA for three-phase configuration.

To design a transformer with optimum performance and the lowest possible price, we should know your application and the duty cycle of the transformer. The most cost effective design uses a core with a diameter to height ratio of 2:1.

See our
Design Guide for more details.

In addition to our regular toroidal cores, you can also specify the low profile O-Cores (up to 2,000VA). The O-core has a round cross section that offers an even lower profile than our regular toroidal core with a square cross section.

Standard Mounting Methods
A metal washer and rubber pads provide the most economical way of mounting the transformer horizontally and is adequate for transformers under 600 VA, provided the transformer is not installed in a product that receives rough handling.  Above 600 VA, epoxy potted center is  our standard mounting method.  Prices include mounting hardware, either a steel washer and two rubber pads or as shown for larger sizes, an epoxy potted center with one or two drilled mounting holes.

  • Optional Potted Center
    For a nominal cost you can order smaller transformers with epoxy potting, either with drilled hole or threaded inserts. The potting has a recessed top to accommodate screw head. Flat bottom is standard feature.
  • Optional L-Bracket
    An L-shaped steel bracket is an economical solution for vertical mounting. A metal washer and two rubber pads are furnished with each L-bracket unless the transformer has a epoxy potted center. .

Safety Standard Certifications:
For industrial/commercial applications our transformers are certified to the following safety standards: UL506, UL 5085, CSA c22.2. No. 66-1988 ,EN61588-1, IEC61558-1.  Up to 40 kVA.  Above 40 kVA we design to comply with these safety standards.

UL Files E140446, E178316, OBJY2                             Intertek File:  3051384 

For  medical applications our custom transformers comply with  IEC60601-1, Third Edition, and equivalent UL 60601-1, CSA C22.2 No. 601.1-M90, EN60601.1.  


All of our transformers carry  the CE mark and comply with current RoHS directive and REACH regulation.

Our transformers are also designed to the applicable sections of other standards, such as UL950, IEC950, UL813, UL1236, EN742, VDE0750, VDE0551, CSA C22.2#125, and many more.

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