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Introducing the 3.6kVa Marine Isolation Transformer

"Marine Iso-Puck"

  • Powder-Coated Steel Housing
  • Completely Epoxy-Potted (Sealed) Transformer
  • Embedded Thermistor To Manage In-Rush Current
  • Light-Weight (40lbs), Installs Easily with 2 Studs Thru Bulkhead (plus a wiring hole)
  • Water-Proof Enclosure For Termination
  • Competitively Priced
  • Unsurpassed Simplicity
  • Complies with UL 60601.1 Safety Certifications
  • Made in the USA


Downloadable PDF of 3.6kVa Marine iso-Puck



Marine Isolation Transformers 

In Steel Enclosures

Marine Isolation transformers are used on-board vessels or dock-side as part of marina power distribution systems.
The isolation transformers totally isolate the earth-bonded shore AC power from on-board electrical systems and
greatly reduce the risk of shock caused by defective
electrical systems, and largely eliminate corrosion of
metal parts caused by stray AC current.

Problems with the AC supply may be caused by insulation breakdown, immersed wiring, incorrect wiring or equipment failure. If the 3rd (green) ground wire is connected to the onboard bonding circuit, corrosion, excessive erosion of zinc electrodes and shock due to stray current may result. In addition corroded wiring in the shore installation may send considerable voltages down the ground wire without tripping
the AC circuit breaker causing damage to onboard electronics.






                       Stainless Steel or
          Light Gray Powder Coated Enclosures

Our five standard design marine isolation transformers are available in either light gray powder coated
or stainless steel enclosures.

                   Light Gray Powder Coated Enclosure                                      A 12 kVA Marine Isolation Transformer was installed on-board
                                                                                                                 this ocean going Nordhavn 46 "Starlet" owned by Mark Ullmann.

Product Specifications

Advantages of Toroidal Isolation Transformers
The advantage of a toroidal transformer is that it allows the stainless steel enclosure to be much smaller than when a conventional stacked lamination type transformer is used. Smaller dimensions also mean much lower total weight of the enclosed isolation transformer.

Both features are of paramount importance onboard vessels of any size. Click here to read more about the unique features of our toroidal isolation and power transformers.

Isolation Transformer Safety Standard Certifications 
UL 60601.1, CSA C22.2 No 601.1-M90 (1990), EN61558-1, IEC60601-1, CE Marking
Medical Safety Standard with maximum leakage current of 100 to 300 microamperes depending on the power rating of the transformer.

Enclosure Specifications
NEMA 4X  style, 14 gauge light gray powder coated or stainless steel water tight enclosure with hinged and lockable door. Input and output wires are terminated through sealed stress relief cable glands at the bottom of enclosures to a terminal block inside the enclosure.



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