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The Bridgeport Magnetics Tortran division firmly subscribes to the principle that quality of our products begins at the design stage.

We make our ownBridgeport Magnetics Group, Inc. toroidal cores. We use UL and CSA listed materials and components to comply with safety standards on file. 

For most applications we design with a maximum flux density of 15 kilogauss to guarantee that the core will not reach its saturation point. In some applications, we use even lower design limits.

Before we wind the magnetic wire onto the core, we cover the sharp edges of the core with UL listed material to protect the wire from cuts. For most VA ratings, we have standardized the use of solderable solid magnet wire.

For Class A (105°C) and Class B (130°C) insulation systems, we insulate with DuPont's Mylar® between windings as well as the outer wrap. For higher temperature classes, we use DuPont’s Nomex® or similar material. We use automatic crimping machines and soldering to join the UL/CSA listed multi-stranded wire with the solid magnet wire. We also take other steps to make sure that the joint will not break even if the transformer is carried by its lead wire.

As we hold American, Canadian, European and International safety standard approvals, your own product can be tested to required safety standards without any concern for the transformer. Incorporating our UL recognized and EN/IEC certified transformers will also reduce the fee you pay the agency for testing your product and subsequent visits to your facility by the safety agency inspector.

All of our toroidal power and isolation transformers are constructed to meet the dielectric requirements of a 3000 volt Hi-pot test between primaries and secondaries for one minute. (4000V for Medical Transformers). All toroidal power and isolation transformers are tested for polarity, number of turns, and no-load voltages.

Our manufacturing tolerances are ±3% on electrical data and ±10% on physical dimensions.
Lead lengths have a ±1/4" standard tolerance. Tighter tolerances are available upon request .

We back up our products with a 36 month warranty on material and workmanship.

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