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Safety Standards Certification

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Toroidal Isolation Transformers up to 40,000 VA

Since 1986 Bridgeport Magnetics and its Toroid  design and manufacture toroidal power and isolation transformers for a wide range of industries including manufacturers of medical devices, test and measurement  equipment,  audio amplifiers, low voltage lighting, street lights,  airborne and marine applications .

Our design engineers  will work closely with you to develop transformer products to meet your specific needs at the lowest possible cost..

Our Toroidal Isolation Transformers are available for:

  • Operating Frequencies: 60 Hz, 50/60Hz,  400Hz
  • Input Voltage: 100V, 120V, 208V, 220V, 230V/240V, 277V, 380V, 440V (as specified)
  • Output Voltage: As specified
  • Power Ratings: Up to 75,000 VA single phase (225,000 VA three-phase) for industrial applications.
  • Up to 5,000 VA single-phase  for medical applications.  

Standard Design Industrial Isolation Transformers

Standard Design  Medical Grade Isolation Transformers

Design Options:

  • Auto-resettable or non-resettable thermal protection  *
  • Electrostatic shield
  • Magnetic shield

* All medical isolation transformers must include a thermal protector either resettable or non-resettable.

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Safety Standard Certifications:
For industrial/commercial applications our transformers are certified to the following safety standards: UL506, UL 5085, CSA c22.2. No. 66-1988 ,EN61588-1, IEC61558-1.  Up to 40 kVA.  Above 40 kVA we design to comply with these safety standards.

UL Files E140446, E178316, OBJY2                             Intertek File:  3051384 

For  medical applications our custom transformers  are certified to  IEC60601-1, Third Edition, and equivalent UL 60601-1, CSA C22.2 No. 601.1-M90, EN60601.1.  

Our transformers are also designed to the applicable sections of other standards, such as UL950, IEC950, UL813, UL1236, EN742, VDE0750, VDE0551, CSA C22.2#125, and many more.


All of our transformers carry the CE mark and comply with current RoHS directive and REACH regulation.




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