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Transformer Design Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:

  • Is there an alternative to insulated mounting hardware to prevent a shorted turn?

Answer: Yes. As long as a shorted turn is not created you can use a metal washer and a screw. A shorted turn is created when a conductive path goes through the center hole, e.g. the mounting bolt or bracket is in contact with both the cover and the base of a metal enclosure.

Question 2

  • How close can I mount one transformer to another?

Answer: You can mount our toroids next to each other or one above the other using spacers to prevent heat build-up, with no adverse affect.

Question 3

         What is the relationship between Tortran and Bridgeport Magnetics Group?

Answer: Tortran is a division of Bridgeport Magnetics Group, Inc.

Question 4

         In what application should I use the conventional stacked lamination transformer type instead of a toroid?

Since the toroidal transformer can replace the old E/I construction across the board, there are no exceptions. Prices for toroidal transformers have dropped drastically in recent years, eliminating the last obstacle for many industrial applications.

Question 5

  • Is a hardcopy catalog available?

Answer: Yes, our printed catalog has basically the same information as this website. However, our website contains updates since the catalog was printed in October, 2003.

Question 6

  • Can I adjust the output voltages on my transformer?

Answer:  Yes, by splicing an insulated wire to a secondary winding and adding turns on top of the Mylar Insulation, you can increase the voltage of the prototype. If you need to reduce the voltage of the transformer, you must reverse the direction of the turns. This allows you to fine-tune your prototype without having to order a new one. Please follow these easy steps.

1.     Determine which output voltage you need to modify.

2.     Splice/Solder on an additional wire to one of the leads of that secondary winding.

3.     Pull the spliced lead wire through the center hole of the transformer and bring it back to the original point. If the direction of the added winding is in the same direction as the original winding, it adds one turn on the transformer. If the winding direction is opposite to the direction of the original winding, it reduces one turn. To add on or take off more turns, just repeat the procedure.

4.     It is important to measure the voltage after the first turn to determine the voltage you are adding or subtracting.

5.     Once you have determined the new output voltage, please tell us so that we can make a note in our records.



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